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US President-elect Donald Trump’s brand new Car


President-elect Donald Trump’s brand new state limousine, nicknamed The Beast, is almost ready.

Leaked pictures reveal the upgraded, armored car, which will be debuted on Inauguration Day in January 2017, during top secret testing at General Motors.

The car will likely be packed with safety features to protect the new First Family such as bulletproof glass and armor plating.

While details of the presidential limousine itself are a closely-guarded secret, pictures show it sporting the grille and headlight design from the new Cadillac models.

The new car will eventually be painted in the same black and silver as the current vehicle, but is covered with camouflage paint for the time being to disguise new features.

White House officials put out contracts to build a new car, officially called the Presidential State Car but also known as Limo One over secret service radio, in 2013.

While no car maker has claimed responsibility for building the new vehicle, according to Fox News public documents show General Motors has been awarded three contracts.

Documents also show that GM has been paid a total of $15million to develop the vehicle.

The White House is thought to maintain a fleet of around 12 of the cars, which are deployed around the world to protect the President, with each vehicle costing up to $1.5million each.

While images of the new model are far from conclusive, it appears to be a Cadillac body strapped on to an elongated frame, much like previous models.

The fuel tank is coated with armor plating and contains a special foam which expands on impact and prevents it from exploding, even if it suffers a direct hit.

The vehicle is also fitted with night vision cameras, GPS tracking and a satellite communication system to allow it to run in any conditions and make sure the President is always in contact.

There are even two pints of blood matching the President’s type on board in case an emergency transfusion needs to be carried out at the roadside.

Concealed within the bodywork is a full range of firefighting equipment, shotguns, night vision goggles and even tear gas launchers to help the vehicle get out of trouble.

While few details are known about the devices being fitted to the new car, it is likely that all of these safety features will be transferred over, along with technology upgrades to make it even safer.

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